The Elder Scrolls Online Disscusion Thread

Discussion in 'Game Reviews and Discussion' started by King, Mar 19, 2013.

  • by King, Mar 19, 2013 at 10:43 AM
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    Well guys, i figured it is about time to make a thread about this.

    The Elder Scrolls Online MMO Coming out later this Year.

    I will update this thread with any new info about the game that gets released so we can all be informed.


    SO, What does everyone think about this game? Do you think it is something you would play? Do you think it is somethign that will do well? Do you think it is something we should get into together as a large group?

    Any pros or cons to the game you can think of? Or anything youde like to mention about stuff? Well Lets disscus is here.
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Discussion in 'Game Reviews and Discussion' started by King, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. King
    Personally, im up in the air about this game yet. I have been an avid Elder Scrolls fan since the beginning many years ago, but it all depends on the exicution of this game. Elder Scrolls has turned into a highly marketable name thanks to console gaming and Oblivion and Skyrim on XBox, so it has grown in fan base exponentially since the days of Morrowind when hardly anyone knew about it. I like that they have kept the skill system in the MMO, where as your level and weapon/ability skills are seperate. That keeps the flexibility the Elder Scrolls game shave had for characters. The lack of the Theives Guild and the Dark Brotherhood at launch is a bit sad to hear but if they get it out quick then thats fine. But my main concern is longevity of the game. Elder Scrolls games have relyed on the open worldness and large quest database to keep people playing for hundreds of hours, but will Elder Scrolls Online be able to keep that same feel in is the question. I fear it might end up being a glorified quest chain that people are done with in a week or 2. hopefully they have flushed out the system well enough so that the quest line is akin to the main quest chain from say, morrowind or oblivion or skyrim where it provides 50+ hours of content, but then you have plenty of side chains to prolong that time further. It all really will come down to the Beta and how it feels. As i said, ive been a fan of the franchise since the begining so i will give it a chance but it will have to prove its self.
  2. Nirack
    I am looking forward to this game. I just hope it isn't a make belief, cause that preview showed some pretty epic shit.
  3. King
    Part 2 is Up and ready
  4. Sgtfrosty
    This game sounds really good - played them as far back as Daggerfall and since - all have been pretty enjoyable. While my MMO experience may not be as indepth as everyone else's, I'm looking forward to this one. Frosty
  5. celdrin
    morrowind is my fave game of all time it was so huge :). i hope this game lives up to the elder scrolls name, i will be pre ordering so hope we get a guild going under the apoc banner.

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