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    GamerApoc-Active Admins-Kits-RP has now launched its Community Server. If your looking for a place to hang your Tabard, or just a place to get a good start to your journey as king of your own land.

    Then this is the place for you.

    "1. KOS is allowed, MUST be RP'd. King may be KOS'd at any time, the King has a right to defend them self. Kings Island area may be KOS at any time.",
    "2. Building on Kings Island & Tax Island is allowed Rule 12 doesn't apply to Kings Island. No Skybridge's. All Structures must be supported every 10 blocks.",
    "3. Killing Sleepers is allowed. No Killing Sleepers for 15 mins after server restart.",
    "4. No Blocking Resources.",
    "5. No Rebuilding or Repairing During a Siege, Ballista's do count as siege weapons. If you are in a Siege, you may be KOS. BE AWARE!!!",
    "6. No Hacking, Glitching or Exploiting.",
    "7. No Racism or Excessive Foul Language. Foul Language is allowed Not Excessive!", This includs Names!!!!
    "8. Crest Protection is up to the Player. if crest decays to 0, base may be reclaimed or removed by other players.",
    "9. If no Mic, to KOS you must first describe the player in chat, if no response say it again. If other player does not respond you may not attack.",
    "If you do not like Rule 9.... Get a Microphone.",
    "10. No KOS near or around store. If you run into the store to avoid PvP, you may still be killed. Deal with the fight, or run faster.",
    "11. If ping is High you may be asked to relog. If you do not comply, Admins may kick you from server to help with the response. No PVP with ping over 200 unless other participant allows.",
    "12. No Sieging the Same Guild 2 days in a row. unless they agree or they start trebbing, Everyone being trebbed may defend themselves.",
    "13. Arguing with Admins will get a warning Kick. If the conflict continues, you may be banned. Discuss when you have issues, do not fight. If there is any issues with any admins speak with Heero Directly.",
    "Not complying with these rules may result in a ban at any given time."

    Admins are active and helpful.

    Starter kits are active and will help give you a small start on your journey. type "/kit starter" to recieve the following items.
    "200 wood blocks"
    "10 berries"
    "1 Wooden Door"
    "1 Leather Crest"
    "1 Iron Hatchet"
    "1 Iron Pickaxe"

    Also Daily Rewards for Loging in!!!!! With the Daily "/kit reward" you will recieve a daily reward of the following items!!!
    "500 Wood"
    "500 Stone"
    "2 Iron Ingots"

    Come One and Come All to this Wondrous Land.


Discussion in 'GamerApoc News' started by Heero, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Heero
    Server is Getting Really Populated if you haven't checked out this game check it out Soon!!!!
  2. Heero
    Updated Rules to include Server Additions!!!

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