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  • by YaoYaoYiffy, Jan 5, 2014 at 12:07 AM
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    We've had the same ventrilo server (and so the same address) for years now, and we've resisted changing anything that would force us to have new info that people would have to look up.

    However, with all the issues of late it may be time to look at other server arrangements.

    My thoughts are to keep up the current server at a reduced capacity (as a placeholder/billboard to point people to the new server) and look into a more reliable server.

    Questions, comments?


Discussion in 'GamerApoc News' started by YaoYaoYiffy, Jan 5, 2014.

  1. celdrin
    Been chatting to a few of the others who said you were thinking of switching to ts. Which i think is a great idea something to consider at least, although vent is solid but given the choice i would go with ts 3 if you want my 2 cents :).
  2. Nirack
    I wouldn't mind a change but nothing can beat vent.
  3. YaoYaoYiffy
    My thoughts:

    While I'd rather keep the current vent server and address, the DoS attacks at our data center (not at us) have gotten bad enough where King and I are getting fed up. There isn't really an option that would allow us to keep our current address without still being susceptible to the DoS attacks. Our only real option is to change servers (and possibly providers too).

    As long as we're looking at changing servers anyways, I thought we could look at Teamspeak and see if it's a better client for our needs. There's some really nice features of TeamSpeak that I like that Ventrilo doesn't have:

    First off, users can create temporary channels easily with TS, name them whatever they want, PW it if needed; and an hour or so after everyone leaves the channel it's deleted. Ventrilo requires me to set individual per-user permissions, and the channel creation is much less intuitive.

    Second, TS doesn't require per-user passwords for admin privileges, it uses an entirely different form of authentication that's more secure and doesn't require me to put in people's server passwords for them.

    And in general, TS is a more modern program, with cleaner interfaces, better support for hyperlinks, and generally works more the way modern programs and applications work. I've always paid for our servers month-to-month, so we can setup the new server and try it out for a month or two, and if it doesn't work we can go back to Vent (or even look at other clients).
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