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    Power > Precision = Critical Damage > Condition Duration > Condition Damage

    Power, Precision, and Critical Damage all boost the damage of your weapon skills. Condition Duration improves the utility of the Blind, Weakness, Immobilize, and Vulnerability applied by this build.

    • Power: Increases your Attack statistic which boosts the damage done for all direct damage attacks. Power does not increase condition damage.
    • Precision: Increases your chance to score a critical hit. A base critical hit does an additional 50% damage for a minimum of 150% damage on a critical attack. Critical chance is increased by 1% for every 21 points of Precision.
    • Critical Damage (Prowess): Increases the damage done by critical hits by 1% per point of Critical
    • Damage: For example, with +30% Critical Damage a Critical Attack would deal 180% of normal damage (150% base + 30% bonus).
    • Condition Duration (Concentration): Increases the duration of Conditions that are applied by your character.
    • Condition Damage (Malice): Increases the damage dealt by Conditions that are applied by your character.

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