Meet my demands or else Yao Yao.

Discussion in 'Suggestions/Requests' started by Shorts, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Shorts

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    you got no game but you can spit a bit.

    You have all been waiting for me to return to retake my rightful place in the leadership of this ragtag group of missfits and dummies. Its not everyday a 26 degree internetter of my caliber returns from self exposed exile, so rejoice but not too much.

    I direct my demands to you Yiftster because your are the only one i deem close to my intelect, but cannot match my good looks or wit. Making GmApoc my new internet home would only enhance the little amount of respect that you have in the gaming world. What you say? how can this be? My only answer is STFU. I have no time to waste on small little minds, so to the chase.

    1)pay me my due. you all owe it. if you don't know what it is. look it up in the dictionary

    2)Admin powers- because i will abuse them for the luzs.

    3)my own subforum- dedicated to me, with admin rights to ban with no rhyme or reason.

    4)Officer of the second highest rank- i was going for highest but i don't plan on fulfilling any duties.

    5)3 demands to be met at a later date

    6) Make the sac my bitch- He already is, just make it public.

    7)a recurring guest spot of Herro's podcast- so i can mock him live.

    8) my own private vent channel of awesomeness that only i can enter

    9) a kiiteh

    you have less than 48 hours to meet these demands.
  2. Shorts

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    can you hurry up with teh kitteh. i need it for this deal i got going down in about 40 hours
  3. YaoYaoYiffy

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    All dues are currently being held in escrow by Jolt's mom. We needed to stick her in some place or another within the structure and it turns out the CFO was a bad choice.

    I don't give my own mother admin powers. But that's mainly cause she isn't here (and because she wouldn't know how to use them). And if'n you get admin powers you have to not abuse them, at least not much. We're all here to have fun, and we all know how annoying getting thrown around into other channels can be when you're trying to do something important in game.

    Subforum on what? You are not a game. I suppose you could make "Shorts: The Game", and then we could add a subforum for it. What kind of game would "Shorts" be?

    We don't have officers so much outside of the games themselves. Rift has its officers, FE has its officers, etc. they have admin and such within the forum sections and ventrilo of their games.

    All demands will be met*
    *at a time decided by the demandee

    Sac could beat me up, I am not physically (or otherwise) capable of making him anyone's bitch. You'll have to take this up with someone else.

    We record on Mondays, I forget what time; Heero organizes everything, he can give you the time for when the next recording is, it's kind of a whomever-shows-up thing right now.

    Easy enough. I mean, granted, ventrilo admins will still be able to enter because that's how things work, but you're the only one on the auth list.

    I can't afford a kitty, much less the shipping on one.


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