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    It is Official. GamerApoc will be on the Fort Aspenwood Server for launch in Guild Wars 2. Everyone who will be joining us needs to make sure they pick Fort Aspenwood for their Home Server.

    We will also be forming an alliance with The Ancient Order so that we are able to coordinate effectively and help make our presence in WvWvW more substantial. We have set up a group, Fort Aspenwood Alliance Guilds, that will be the alliance group. If other guilds wish to join the alliance with us, they are more than welcome to, and if anyone has friends who will be joining us on the server in thier own guilds, they can join the alliance as well. The more people we can have to work together, the better WvWvW will run.

    The website for the Alliance is hosted here by us.

    Everyone else who will be joining us please make sure to post in our GW2 Headcount Thread.

    Also if you know what your doing as far as characters, post in our Race and Class thread too.

    Look foward to seeing everyone with us for GW2.
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Discussion in 'GamerApoc News' started by King, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Sileighty
    Awwwwwh yeah looking forward to playing with some people from the TAOs

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