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    Age of Wushu is a Free to Play Open World Sandbox MMORPG set in Anchient China with "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" Physics and Action Combat system. Choose 1 of 4 Story Lines and 1 of 8 Schools of Martial Arts as you try to survive in this world.

    The world is Player Controlled and players manage the Economy and Enviroment as well as run the Schools and other Goverment jobs.

    Each of the 8 schools is Unique and has 3 sets of Fighting Skills you can master. There are 5 Harvesting Proffesions, 6 Manufacturing Proffesions, 4 Artisan Proffesions and 2 Extras. So, Plenty to do.

    Also, when you log out, your Charaacter stays int he world working as a NPC in the area you were in doing various jobs based on your skills, rewarding you with exsperiance and money upon logging back in. But be careful, bad things might happen to you while you are offline.

    If you are intrested with playing with us, Join us on the "Blue Dragon" Server. You can pick any school.

    PS: You can Kidnap Offline players and sell them on the Black Market into Slavery. ;D


Discussion in 'GamerApoc News' started by King, May 8, 2013.

  1. Nirack
    I have been playing this game for a while now. Been rolling with the Longshot community. Beggar's Sect...I drink till I puke...

    IGN - Niracko
  2. King
    yeah but what server?
  3. King
  4. Nirack
    On the same server bro.

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