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    Final Fantasy XIV:ARR is a Fantasy MMO based on the Final Fantasy Universe. It is a GameOverhaul of the orignal FF14 which did not prove to be succesful. Square Enix hired a new staff to rebuild the game from the ground up with new mechanics and new content, tossing out almost all of the orignal game. It is 100% New.

    A Realm Reborn Cinematic Trailer

    Final Fantasy XIV:ARR E3 Trailer

    The game is heavily influenced by Final Fantasy 11 and Final Fantasy Tactics, taking many gameplay and character systems from those games.

    In FF14 you create your character and select a Class. You are not limited to this single Class. You will be able to switch classes any time you are out of combat. Additonally you will be able to use skills from other classes with unlocked Cross Class Skill Slots. Once you get the Pre Required Classes leveled, you will unlock Jobs. Jobs are a more Role Focused Class. They are not Better, they just provide specific skills and stats needed for specific roles in group play.

    Classes will have access to 10 Cross Class Skill Slots. Jobs Have access to 5 Cross Class Skill Slots but only from specified classes, however Jobs provide 5 Skills Unique to the Job and focused Stats for the Job. Jobs level is determined by the Primary Class it is derived from.

    To see a full list of Skills for Each Class/Job Visit this link and goto "SKills"

    Classes and the jobs they lead into.

    Archer - Bard
    Gladiator - Paladin
    Lancer - Dragoon
    Marauder - Warrior
    Pugilist - Monk
    Arcanist - Summoner/Scholar
    Conjurer - White Mage
    Thaumaturge - Black Mage

    Job Requirements

    Job Preview VIdeo

    Quest and Party Combat Preview

    Instanced Dungeon Preview

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    Crafting Classes

    There is no limit to the number of crafting classes you may use but obviously they are hard to level and so generally you will want to focus efforts on 1 at a time.

    Carpenter - Bows, Lances, 2H Wands, Crafting Tools.
    Blacksmith - Claws, 1H Weapons, 2H Weapons, Crafting Tools
    Armorer - Heavy Armor, Shields, Cooking and Alchemy Tools
    Goldsmith - Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Glasses, Staves, Fist Weapons, Scepters
    Leatherworker - Meduim Armor, Fist Weapons
    Weaver - Light Armor
    Alchemist - Potions, 1H Wands, Grimoires
    Culinarian - Food that gives long Term Buffs like +Stats

    Harvesting Classes

    Miner - Mine Minerals
    Botanist - Harvest plants, gardens, Cut Wood
    Fisher - Fish Fish!
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    Cheers for the write up King!

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