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What is GamerApoc? is a multi-gaming community website that serves as guild forums and "hang-out". Each game (or guild) within the GamerApoc community is a stand-alone group, with final say over the activities in its own game without any over-arching oversight by GamerApoc (except in extreme circumstances). Guilds and clans that are part of GamerApoc have all the autonomy of a fully stand-alone guild, but with the advantage of having the support of our volunteer admin team to help handle logistics, and the increased exposure to new players that comes from being part of a wider community.

The goal of GamerApoc is to create a fun, competitive community that allows gamers from various games and genres to have a common place to chat and find new games to play and new friends meet. We have an in-depth community that is open-minded, has a great sense of humor, and is full of some of the most experienced players you'll meet.

Our community is mostly centered around Ventrilo, which has players from all over the world. All players are encouraged to use Ventrilo for better communication within the clan (and it is required for some games/activities).
I'm learning calculus

When Heero isn't riding his Dinky Skates around in Fallen Earth, he likes to go head hunting in Battlefield Bad Company 2, or protect the universe from those despicable villains in DC Universe Online. Heero currently works contracted by STS by the Department of Homeland Security and donates his time to teaching elementary students martial arts as an after school program.

Heero's first love in MMO's was Matrix Online which sadly ended in 2009 (R.I.P. MxO). Heero has dedicated hours of time playing numerous games (Need for Speed World, Batlefield, DC Universe Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Fallen Earth, Minecraft, and many more)

As one of GamerApoc's Admin, Heero hope's to provide the community with the latest and hottest gaming news. Heero is also currently working on GamerApoc Studio's to help deliver new to players not only through the articles on the homepage, but through podcast's which will be available on and iTunes.


Hello, My name is King, King is my Middle name, and i am the Website Developer for GamerApoc. I have a Degree in Digital Art and Visual Effects and have wanted to work in the media field since i was a kid. Art has always been my hobby before it became my profession and i always enjoy new chances to be creative. That is why i am fortunate to have the chance to create such a diverse and sophisticated website that many will use. I hope the look and feel of the site please everyone who use it.

As the Website Dev for gamerApoc, i hope to provide everyone with the tools and features they need in order to have fun gaming with their friends and being apart of a large community. If you ever have any ideas for the site or if you have problems or just general feedback, message me and we can talk about them. I am always glad to make sure the users are happy. (yes i know my spelling is atrocious)
Alright, so this one time, I was playing this game called APB with some good friends of mine. We had been called into a large fight with some crims, on the last few stages, we had to capture control points. Whoever had more control points by the end would win. Well, we were tied 1-1 and I had just spawned right by an ambulance, so I comendered it and headed toward the point. I saw some stairs and declared over ventrilo “I’m gonna ramp the stairs.” So I did. I drove the ambulance off the stairs right into one of the crims who had his back turned, crushing him against a wall. Then I Immediately jumped out and gunned down two others that were on the point all while laughing manically into ventrilo “BWAAA HAAH HAAH HAAH HAAH, CRY SOMEMORE.” And we raped there team seconds before they had the point, stole it from them and won the game.

That basically sums me up. Trollololololol penis penis fuck your mothers.

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