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On this page you can learn a bit about GamerApoc in Star Wars and the people who support it.

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SWtoR Division

GamerApoc - Rebublic Faction (PvP/PvE/raiding)
Belgoth's Beacon- East Coast Server

Our Multi Gaming community "GamerApoc"; has branched out to SWTOR, to seek out dedicated and friendly players, for our community and for our SWTOR guild. GamerApoc has devoted time and effort to become one of the top PVP and PVE guilds on the server.

GamerApoc's members strive to be the best in everything that we do as a guild. Our PvP portion of the guild is thriving and intend on making our name noticed by Imperial Faction players.

Code of Conduct:
1. Must be 18+ of age to be accepted into the guild
2. Ventrilo and guild website registration is a must
3. Disrespect towards Officers or guildmates will not be tolerated
4. We are against; Cheating, hacking, exploiting, glitching, or botting. Caught doing one of these acts is punishable by permanent ban from guild and GamerApoc's Ventrilo Server.
5. Guild or player bashing and/or trolling is not acceptable.
6. Fail to compely with the rules above, will result in termination. If you have any questions or concerns contact an Officer.

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